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Dental veneers available at Meon Dental in Petersfield

veneers at Meon Dental in Petersfield Hampshire


For some people there are only a couple of reasons why they don’t have their perfect smile.  Perhaps they have a chipped tooth or one is obviously discoloured compared to the others.

If you are generally happy with your smile but would like some minor faults fixed, speak to the team at Meon Dental in the heart of Petersfield, Hampshire about Dental Veneers.

Veneers are a thin layer of material, usually porcelain, which are fixed to the front surface of the tooth and so cover any chips or discolouration, making your smile appear more beautiful, and boosting your confidence too!

Call Meon Dental today on 01730 265555 and find out if Dental Veneers are for you, or see our website for more details

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