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Could a dental crown help restore its strength or look?

Dental Crowns available at Meon Dental in Petersfield Hampshire

A dental crown is an artificial cover used to replace missing portions of a tooth, say after a large root filling for example.  The crown ‘caps’ a tooth in order to restore or improve the shape, size and appearance of the tooth.

Crowns are increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry where they can also be used to disguise badly shaped or discoloured teeth, thus improving the smile.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of dental crowns give our friendly team at our Petersfield Dental Practice a call on 01730 265555 today.

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with tooth whitening from Meon Dentalin Petersfield

Tooth Whitening at Meon Dental in Petersfield Hampshire












You know that moment when you need all the confidence and self-esteem you can muster?  The moment of a first date, job interview or big birthday and you’re wearing your best outfit, done your hair and spent a fortune of personal hygiene products…..have you missed anything? What about your smile?

Chances are you’ve brushed your teeth, you may have even flossed but have you really put as much effort in to your smile as your should have?  It’s probably the first thing someone will notice about you and the thing they’ll also probably remember about you so it is definitely something you should invest both time and money into.

At Meon Dental, a cosmetic dental practice in the centre of Petersfield in Hampshire, we offer the solution to a stained or dull smile – tooth whitening.  With in practice and at home solutions there really is something to suit everyone and no reason to live with a smile you’re not 100% proud of and happy to show off!

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of tooth whitening then see our website for more details

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with fillings from Meon Dental in Petersfield

White Fillings at Meon Dental, a dental practice in Petersfield Hampshire


If you had to have fillings placed a few years ago then chances are that they are metal (silver) amalgam fillings.  Because they are metal, they are noticeable and some people can feel less confident about smiling because of them.

Fillings were never designed to last a life time and so eventually you might find they need replacing.  When the time comes, why not ask if they can be replaced with natural white (tooth-coloured) fillings instead?

At Meon Dental Practice in the heart of Petersfield in Hampshire, we regularly replace these ugly metal fillings with tooth coloured restorations which are designed to blend in with your natural tooth colour.

Most people will not even be able to notice them (unless they’re having a good look in your mouth!) so they’ll be no confidence issues anymore.

See our website for more details and feel free to give us a call if you’d like further information – 01730 265555

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Dental Sedation at Meon Dental Petersfield Hampshire

with the help of Meon Dental in Petersfield Hampshire










Are you on of the thousands of people who have been avoiding the dentist because of fear.  Are you living with an unattractive smile or dental pain because you are so afraid of sitting in that dentists chair?

If you are one of those unfortunate people who suffer with an irrational fear of the dentist then seeking help when there are dental problems can be stressful and upsetting.  Once the pain is already there often the damage is done so any work carried out by the dentist is usually time consuming and occasionally painful, none of which helps towards elevating those fears.

Dental Sedation from our Petersfield dental practice might be the solution for those nervous patients.

To find out more please see our website

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Champions of Cycle Sport Fund Raising Dinner

Dentist Dr Ian Hallam at the Champions of Cycle Sport fundraising dinner

Dentist Dr Ian Hallam at the Champions of Cycle Sport fundraising dinner

Dr Hallam of Meon Dental was invited to the recent dinner as a guest, along with 3 former teammates, Olympic medallists from the 1972 Olympics and the 1974 Commonwealth Games gold medal winning team.

The event was a fund raising charity dinner in aid of Action Medical Research, which works to prevent brain damage in newborn infants.

Other celebrities attending were Joanna Rowsell, Olympic team pursuit gold medallist and World champion, Jody Cundy MBE, 5 times Paralympic Champion, Chris Boardman MBE, Olympic Gold medallist in 1992 and triple World Champion, and Dave Brailsford CBE, British Cycling’s Performance Director and Team Sky Team principal, the man behind GB Cycling’s success in Beijing and London and Bradley Wiggins Tour de France win. Dr Hallam is seen with Dave Brailsford CBE and also in a team re-union photo.

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teeth in a glass by the bed!

Dental Implants to turn a horror smile in to a happy smile from Meon Dental Practice in Petersfield.

This Halloween, promise yourself that next year it won’t be your dentures scaring people!  If you have to live with a glass by the bed, rattling teeth or uncomfortable sores in your mouth then it’s time to leave the horror behind and give yourself the gift of a beautiful, permanent smile with dental implants from Meon Dental in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Dental Implants can be used to replace ill-fitting uncomfortable dentures or an unattractive smile which is missing teeth due to accident, injury or tooth loss due to periodontal disease.

So if you think it’s time to stop hiding behind your hand when you smile, speak or eat then it’s time to give Meon Dental a call and find out more about Dental Implants….and the difference they could make to you…..and your smile!

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from Meon Dental in Petersfield

Tooth Whitening treatments are available at Meon Dental Practice in Petersfield

Our smiles can suffer with dullness caused by coffee, red wine and unfortunately just getting a little older!

At Meon Dental Practice in Petersfield Dr Ian Hallam and his experienced dental team offer the very latest in tooth whitening techniques.  The in-surgery whitening can lighten and brighten a smile by several shades, leading to a boost in the smiles appearance….and your confidence!

So don’t live with a dull lifeless smile, speak to a member of the friendly dental team at our Petersfield Dental Practice today!

Call us on 01730 265555 or see our website for more details

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Don’t let your dental fear control you!

At Meon Dental in Petersfield Hampshire we are able to provide sedation for nervous patients

We are well aware that some people are so frightened about having dental treatment that they will not attend, and so their dental wellbeing is affected.

We are able to offer sedation for those patients. From our experience, patients are usually very surprised at how easy it is to cope with treatment carried out in this way.

What is sedation?

We offer intravenous or IV sedation. The dose will depend on the amount of treatment needed and the length of time it will take to complete.

How will IV sedation affect me?

You will become drowsy and relaxed, and unaware of any treatment but you will still able to co-operate with the dentist. The effects of sedative medicine take some time to clear the body and we ask that you are accompanied for this treatment. You won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery for the rest of the day.

Ask us at the practice for more details or call us on 01730 265555.

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