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Subtle white fillings available at Petersfield dental practice

Tooth coloured fillings at Meon Dental in Petersfield











If you have some level of tooth decay it’s likely that at some stage you’ll need to have a ‘filling’ to repair the hole (cavity).  You may already have a filling or two and it’s also likely that they are the amalgam type – silver/black metallic fillings.

You may feel a little self-conscious about these metal fillings as they look obvious in the mouth – did you know that amalgam fillings are not your only option?

At Meon Dental in Petersfield we also offer white fillings which are hardly noticeable and will blend in with the colour of your own tooth.  Although not actually white – they would look obvious then – they are tooth coloured and we match them as best we can with your natural tooth colour.

To find out more about white fillings take a look at our website

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